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Have you been caught by a speed camera? Does it involve a fine or a disqualification from driving? Have you had a traffic accident? Attorneys at Law Dr. Eckhart Jung (specialist in Traffic Law) and Claudia O’Hara-Jung can help you with all questions related to Traffic Law quickly and clearly.
See more about Attorney at Law Dr. Jung’s extraordinary experience in the field of Traffic Law.



Even the most attentive driver can be caught out by specific traffic laws that they are not aware of. Have you been caught by a speed/ safety camera? Did you drive through a red stop light or not stop at a stop sign? Have you driven too close behind someone on the Motorway/ Highway at speed? Have you parked illegally? Does it involve just a fine, or also driving license points? If you are not sure, then you need to contact a legal representative, one that is a specialist in Traffic Law. He knows the special process in summary proceedings, can demand to see a copy of your file to double check the Legal validity of the summons and discuss the best strategy with you.
They work with a network of International Lawyers who can support you with International assistance and evaluate if your national driving license could be affected by a fine/ disqualification from another country and work on minimizing the penalty utilizing localized specialist knowledge.

Suspended Driving License

Are you possibly facing a suspended driving license? Are you already on the German driving License points registrar (Flensburger Verkehrszentralregister)? E.g. by using the correct legal remedy at the right time the point count expiration period can be adjusted to suit your particular circumstances, or your driving ban period could be delayed to suit your personal calendar or also through negotiation with the court directly an option of paying a higher fine could reduce or eliminate your driving ban completely.

Traffic Accidents

Have you been involved in a traffic accident? Does it affect your car or more seriously your health? Then, you need to know all your options. Therefore you need a fast and professional legal service from experienced specialists in the field. If you have not caused the accident you are entitled to claim several damages to compensate for your losses e.g. rental car costs, vehicle repair costs, punitive damages, medical expenses etc. Through professional legal advice you can avoid tactics employed by the defendants insurance company to reduce their liability.


If you have a Legal Insurance that covers your Traffic Law issue we can help you straight away, if you do not have legal insurance we can quote you an estimate for the costs of taking your case.