The Law Firm mainly operates in the following legal fields:

Insurance Law
Both Attorneys are well experienced in Insurance Law (e. g. Health-, liability-, life-, Motor vehicle liability-insurances etc.) and interpretation of Institute Clauses etc.

Attorney at Law Dr. Jung is a member of the German BAFin, because of
Dr. Jung’s position he is informed about all the latest changes relating to Insurance Law, e. g. changes due to European law and the latest judgements.

Since 1990 the Law Firm is the exclusive legal consultant of an insurance company.
Both Attorneys at Law also represent private persons and help them to claim for (e. g. damages and pension payments) against various insurance companies.
They also analyze and explain the -often misleading- clauses of General insurance conditions.

Traffic Law
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Labour Law
Attorney at Law O`Hara-Jung, has profound knowledge in labour law and experience in solving conflicts.
Especially in this legal field a solution often has to be found, that is equitable for both parties.
Under certain circumstances, extrajudicial solutions can be advantageous for both parties:
A long and expensive dispute at court can be avoided if both parties agree to find an amicable solution outside of court. Both Lawyers opine that in the area of employment law, personal reasons and pure legal considerations play an equally important role.

Both the sides of the employers and employees can be represented by our Legal team. Small to medium companies are looked after with the so called "All around service", which includes e. g. the creation of work contracts, dismissal etc.
Legal matters, e. g. protection from unwarranted termination, settlements etc. are solved and their interests are dealt with at court or within an extrajudicial agreement.

Law of Tendency

Both Lawyers have profound knowledge in this area of legal expertise.
That is
an indispensable as new judgements can lead to a constant change in this legal area.
Both, tenants and landlords are represented and also problems between neighbours can be resolved.

Inheritance Law

The Lawyers consult private clients in the intricacies of writing their last will/ testament and also inheritance contracts, making sure that the generational transfer of wealth is optimally configured to each case. They also assist private clients in claiming their rights, e. g. duty part and substituted inheritance rights.